Feminine, flirty, pretty, and sometimes sexy aprons.
Glamour kitchen apparel for glamourous women cooks, bakers and chefs.

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Do you need or wear an apron in the kitchen?

Why wouldn't you wear an apron in the kitchen? With the retro styles, vintage patterns and varieties of aprons available, that is the question. Browse our selection of flirty, feminine and very retro styled aprons for women of the kitchen. Aprons are not just for housewives of the 50's anymore. Ask yourself, why not wear an apron? It will keep you clothes nice and clean of grease, flour and other sauces which can somehow fly off the counter or out of the pot onto your lovely silk blouse.

And aprons today are much more than a simple piece of fabric with a tie at the back or neck. Aprons today are available in all sizes, colors, shapes and patterns. You can choose which type of cook, chef or baker you would like to be today. Are you feeling flirty? Well then pop on one of our super cute and feminine aprons done in a flirty floral fabric with lots of ruffles and feminine details. Are you feeling somewhat spicy? Try one of our more sophisticated aprons done in black satin with pink bows. You will look like you are glammed up in an evening or cocktail dress - too cute!

As we mentioned, we have so many different styles and colors to choose from that you will be able to decide what mood your whole kitchen will have. Forget getting your clothes dirty or changing into your old sweatpants and sweatshirt just to cook. Stay glamorized all day long in or out of the kitchen.

Your family, friends and guests will ask who is in your glam squad, ensuring that you look fabulous whatever time of the day it is and whatever you may be doing. Cooking, baking or just cheffing around in the kitchen, you will feel like a chef no matter what you are cooking. Even macaroni and cheese won't taste the same if you cook it while wearing one of our aprons. You cakes will never look and taste better. Remember whatever you feel on the outside translates into how you project yourself and ultimately how you do things. With the confidence of a beautiful apron, you will feel like you have always known how to cook.
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